Thursday, June 11, 2009

serena,prado,estima & honda stream bodykit

If you have a MPV, it is very suitable to convert it to VIP looking style. The high class of MPV will be added with a VIP style looking. Actually, they will no a huge transformation if you want your MPV look VIP, as this Nissan Serena.This Serena only changes it bumper. This custom made bumper look simple but attractive with a two line on below; right at the back of plate number board. Besides, a lip was added with a line to make it suitable with the bumper. Meanwhile, the hood through a slight modification; just to make it different than other Nissan Serena.

If you think custom bodykit is just for cheap local car, you are totally wrong!!! All car can enjoy their very own bodykit. This post, we will show you a custom made bodykit for Toyota Estima. Even Estima is decent as luxury mpv, the owner want it looks different then other Estima. This Estima just through a simple modification. Some wide body, all over skirting, rear spoiler, and both custom bumper.

An extreme bodykit installation was done on this Honda Stream. If you look this side view, a wide body was attached at the beginning of rear door to the end of side. Also, the wide body not ordinary, a fin was design on it to make it more extreme. Meanwhile, the rear windows was added an ellipse cover. The wide body also attached on the fender to make this Stream look huge and strong. Owh! It’s too many bodykit customizations on this Stream. Just take a deep look.

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